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Guangzhou Flyyang Information technology co., Ltd. is an emerging high-tech enterprise in the era of "Internet +" integrating bar code and RFID technology research and development and application, management software development and application. Flyyang is committed to providing IOT application system solutions for traditional manufacturing, thereby reducing the cost of traditional manufacturing, improving management efficiency, and achieving enterprise information management.


We provides customers with Barcode Scanners, RFID equipment, Handheld Terminals (PDA), Barcode Printers, RFID Printers, Label Consumables, Management Software (ERP, etc.). Flyyang has mature solutions and applications in production lines, animal husbandry, health care, public utilities, education, hotels, chemicals, asset management and other fields.


Our company adheres to the business philosophy of "Customer first, service first", and the service concept of "Make friends with customers before making business partners" is throughout.

Each member of Flyyang have keen market insight and strategic planning and market coordination capabilities. Adhere to serving customers wholeheartedly, urgency for customers, and think what customers think. The company has a professional team, sophisticated hardware facilities, humanized management, transparent operation process and advanced marketing creative mode.


Flyyang is committed to helping customers obtain economic benefits and social benefits. It aims to establish the best communication channel between customers and the market through scientific, professional and sincere service of the company, and to make the most economic planning and design of the limited funds of customers. To enable customers to achieve the best management results at the lowest cost.

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